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If you want to track your contacts

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Defining a list is the most important part of every marketing campaign. The more specific and targeted is your message the more effective will be. This is why we offer a killer audience creation system.

With Customerly you can create lists based on infinite possibilities. The only limit is your creativity.

Let’s take a look at how to create a segment with your own conditions.

We use two different categories to identify your contact list: Users and Leads. (Visitors, Users and Leads and: what's the difference?)

We have different options to create a condition and can be based on:

  • Properties: custom data you can add on each user or lead. (eg. License_type = pro)

  • Events: custom event fired by users (eg. Added_to_cart)

  • Tags: custom tags added by you or via API

  • Segment: custom segment created by you with certain conditions. (eg. All Paying customers)

  • Campaign: Data from a recent email campaign (eg. the user has opened and clicked)

  • Company properties: similar to user properties but linked to user’s companies. (eg. Acme company has License_type = pro)

This article explains how to filter your contacts, check it out.

How do I create a contact list?

  • Go to the contacts page

  • Start filtering your contacts by clicking on the "All contacts" button and their information by clicking on the "Add filter".

  • We want to select all the contacts from Ireland. We chose a property "Country" with the condition "is" and typed in "Ireland".

  • To save the list, click on "Save list" in the top right corner.

  • Select if you want to create a new list or update the current list.

  • Name your list and save it. The list has been created!

  • You can see the created listed on the right sidebar.

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