Insights into your customer support team performance

Check this article on how to read the report's stats for your customer service software and see how the page looks like

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The Live Chat Insights are available for your customer support software. These are useful insights into how your team is performing. You will see the data about:

  • number of daily conversations

  • the average reply time and close conversation time

  • how many conversations were handled by each team member

All this data is easy to comprehend and it will help you to build the strongest customer support team.

How do I read the Insights data?

  • Go to the Insights on the left sidebar

  • If you look at the top right corner, you will see the date range. You can select a date range you are interested in receiving the report on your team performance and the number of incoming chats.

  • First, you will see a number of daily conversations in the inbox:

    • total replies are the total number of replies to a chat message within a chosen date range.

    • new conversations are the total number of new conversations within a certain period of time.

    • mark as done is the total number of closed conversations.

  • Next, you will see the average number of replies per conversation.

  • The average time from opening to closing a conversation. Read this article to learn why you should close conversations and how to do it.

  • The average time it takes for a team to reply to a new message

  • To extract the data in CSV, simply click on the "Download CSV" button.

  • You can see how each member of a team performs including how many chats they reply to, close chat conversations, and the average time it takes for a team to reply to a new message.

How is the response time calculated?
The response time is calculated by counting the time difference between the time when the user opens a new conversation and when the teammate replies for the first time to that message.

So let's say a message from a user was sent at 12:00 and your teammate replied after 5 minutes. The average time will be affected by the fact that he replied after 5 minutes to the user's first message.

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