How to set up your support email and subdomain

If you want to make sure that your emails are being sent from the correct support email address to start email marketing in Customerly, this article is for you

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Your support email address is the one that you use when sending campaigns and NPS surveys. To ensure you have the correct email shown to your contacts, we prepared this guide for you.

What my support email consists of?
Your support email address consists of your name or teammate's name and your subdomain.


The username is the one configured in the Profile settings for that specific teammate. If there is no username specified for the teammate, the default one "info" will be used, e.g.,

If a custom subdomain has been configured for your project, that subdomain will be used. Otherwise <subdomain> will be used. For example, in, the "support" is subdomain.

How and where do I set up the "username" for my support email?

  • Go to your project settings.

  • Click on "My profile" under "Project & Team".

  • Under "Support email address" you will find the input field with yourname and domain.

  • So, if you want your name to be used in the email, you need to write it in "yourname" field.

  • For example, we typed in "victoria" as a user name.

  • Click on "Save settings" in the top right corner.

How and where do I set up the subdomain for my support email?

  • Configure the subdomain in general settings under the "Email" section.

  • We typed "victoria" into the "yourname" field

  • Type in your own subdomain in subdomain field. We have configured the subdomain "support" as shown in the screenshot below.

    Note: the subdomain cannot be shorter than 5 characters.

  • The domain "" is in your email by default and cannot be deleted from the support email because we wouldn't be able to handle the replies from your customers.

Your support email is set.

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