How to assign a tag with the workflow

If you want to learn how to assign or delete a tag in a bulk with the marketing workflow, check this article

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Written by Luca MicheliLast update 2 years ago

Tags are a great tool for email marketing. You have a few options in Customerly regarding how you want to assign a tag to your leads or users:

We are going to discuss here the last option on the list - how to assign or delete a tag with the workflow.
Here are the steps you need to do when you assign a tag:

  • Go to the Workflows tab on the left and click on Workflow.

  • Click on "Create workflow".

  • Use "Plain workflow" to create a workflow from scratch.

  • Select an audience between "All leads", "All users", and "All contacts". We selected "All users".

  • Add conditions. We selected a list "Widget integrated".

  • Click on "Apply and close".

  • After you selected the contact type and filtered it, click on "Assign a tag" on the right sidebar.

  • Type in your tag or select the existing one from the list and click on "Apply and close".

  • Connect the actions. Once you have completed your funnel, continue by clicking on the top right button.

  • Then select a goal: run without a goal or track perfomances.

  • Click on "Continue". From this page, insert an internal name for your funnel.

  • If you want to run your workflow on certain days and time or schedule it, switch the toggles.

  • When you are ready, save it as a draft or publish it.

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