Examples of profiling questions to collect leads information

In this article, we recommend you the powerful questions to ask your prospects to receive a right information

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We already talked about how to create the Profiling questions and what they look like in the live chat to your leads. In this article, we continue our series of Profiling questions.

Let's do a recap: Profiling questions are the series of questions that appear in the live chat to your leads that write there for the first time. With these questions, you can collect information about your potential clients and get to know them better. This information gives you unlimited possibilities and helps to have a full description of who your potential customers are and how to turn them into loyal users.

We gathered the questions you might want to ask your leads based on the type of service you provide and what matters to your business plan.

First thing first, we recommend turning on the email requirement feature, so any time the first-time lead sends you a message in the live chat, they will be required to leave their email address so you can have a way to contact them via live chat or emails. Having your potential customer's email address wouldn't hurt.

Read this article to see how to turn on the email requirement form and how to customize the behavior of the live chat.

Choose any question that fits the best:

  1. Ask for your lead name as simple as "What is your name?". Whether it's a person representing a business or an individual lead-customer who sends you a message in the live chat, you want it to be human and personal. Let's cherish personalities and individualities.

  2. The next question to ask is "What is your company role?". It will give you a good perspective on who you talk to and what kind of tasks a person tries to accomplish.

  3. If you want to know the size of the company and how many employees they have, we recommend asking "How many employees do you have?"

  4. If you build your communication with the customers not only via live chat but also the phone calls, we recommend asking for the phone number. A simple short question "What is your phone number?" will work.

  5. Potential customers contact your customer support channel for more clarifications and see if you suit their goals. If you want to go the extra mile, you might want to ask "Do you have any feedback about our service?" or "Would you like to discuss your needs on a call?". The answers will be stored on your side and you will see them right at the moment your lead sends you a message for the first time, so you will be ready to give the best solution right away.

You will ask questions based on your business needs, we hope this quick guide gives you an idea of where to start and if you have any questions, don't hesitate you contact us via live chat.

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