Use of shortcuts in your inbox

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Luca Micheli
Written by Luca MicheliLast update 2 years ago

When you work with the customers and understand the importance of time, you know that your reply time is essential for an outstanding customer experience. This is why we offer you to use shortcuts in the inbox section to save time.

How to find the shortcuts

  • Go to the inbox section

  • You will find the text box area

  • Click on the very top right question mark

Or to show the shortcuts, use Ctrl + K shortcut.

Now you can see all the shortcuts.

You can start experiencing them one by one and open up the full potential of your work environment.
For example:

  • To mark as done a chat conversation using Ctrl + D

  • To reopen a chat conversation use Ctrl + O

  • To write an internal note use Ctrl +

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