How chat triggers can benefit your business

In this article, we cover the main points why live chat triggered messages can benefit your business

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When it comes to customer engagement, we often wonder about how to make sure the customers browsing through your pages receive your full attention 24/7. This is where the shining moment comes for the chat-triggered messages.

We talked about how the chat triggers work and what they are. Let's do a small recap: the chat triggers are based on your audience information, conditions, and the behavior of your visitor or contact throughout your website. For example, a visitor clicks on a "book a demo" link on your page, and right away, the chat trigger does its work: it appears to your visitor, engages, and creates a human connection. When your visitor responds to a message, there will be your Customer Support team to ensure high-quality assistance. Did you know that you can also gather your visitors' information when they reply to the triggered chat? Check this out.

Now, let's see what the chat triggers are good for. You can use this tool for different purposes:

  • Onboarding customers for your SaaS product

  • Initiate a conversation for sales purposes

  • Educating your customers

Onboarding for your SaaS product

Onboarding should be painless for your new users. Your task is to show how easy it is to use your service and give a high-quality tour around it, so a person on the other side of the screen finds value in your product and stays loyal. When it comes to onboarding, it's different for each company, but what we know undeniably based on the years of experience in communication with our customers, your product does need the automated onboarding process whether you achieve it with the chat triggers, workflows, or newsletters. The end goal is to ensure your new users adopt your product.

Here is a scenario: your new users completed the onboarding process and you want to reach out to them asking if they have any questions and make sure the adoption of the product went smooth. You can set up a chat trigger that will be sent to all the users that fall within this category and initiate a conversation, or simply provide a link to book a call with you. It will be a nice personable touch at the end of the onboarding process.

Whichever message you decide to put out there to ensure a successful user completion of onboarding, you can set up as many live chat triggered messages as you want.

Initiating a conversation for sales purposes

Are you managing sales and wondering how you can scale them up? First thing first, you need to find a comfortable CRM to work with. Once you have installed the live chat software on your website or app and you want to do what you and the team do best (selling), then it's time to build automation to initiate person-to-person communication.

You may choose automation tools to focus on your expertise such as workflows or chat flows, in this case, we want you to give the chat triggers a shot. Imagine this scenario: a potential customer opens your subscription page, spends 60 seconds on it, and then intends to exit the page. The chat trigger will pop up on the exit intent with a strategic personalized human message, once the potential customer responds to the message, here is when automation and sales reps will work hand in hand.

Educating your customers

The chat triggers or any other automation tools can work as an educational foundation and can be interconnected with the onboarding process. What does it mean? It means that you can carry the knowledge about your product into the world. It may be as simple as a short message containing a link to one of your articles in the help center or a video about your service. Whatever it is, it can be delivered within seconds to your visitors, leads, or users.

For example, you launched a new feature and you want the customers that open this feature for the first time to receive a message in a quick second which covers all the main characteristics of the new feature and how to use it - this can be done with the chat triggers.

Chat triggers can be a useful tool in your company whether it's for Marketing, Customer Support, Customer Success, Sales, or Product departments. Chat triggers serve as an automation feature and are a part of the outbound section in your account in Customerly where you can achieve all the possible automated scenarios suitable for your business plan. Learn more about all other automation tools in this article.

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