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We will show you how to understand how your campaigns are performing

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You already know how to select a correct audience, and send the marketing email and now it's time to analyze how effective it is and how your contacts engage with the email.

How do I check my email overview and see how it's performing?

  • First, go to the Outbound section on the left sidebar, then under "Messages" and click on "Emails

  • Click on the email you want to see its overview and performance

  • You will see an overview. In particular:

    • Open rate

    • Click-through rate

    • Reply rate

  • Below you will see the performances diagram where total opens and clicks are displayed.

  • This data can be seen hourly or daily, and within a certain date which you can choose on a calendar.

  • Once you scroll down, your email template will be displayed there. If you added CTAs (call to action buttons), and links, the number of clicks will be shown in a pop-up as you can see on the screenshot below. To learn more about the heatmap feature, check this article.

    Note: the Click-through rate measures the number of unique contacts who clicked on a link or CTA button. Whereas each link simply counts the total number of clicks in the email. The percentage you see is the percentage of the number of clicks that happened on the email in different places of the email structure.

  • You can see the most clicked links on the right

  • And you can see the top 5 contacts who engaged the most with this email on the right. By default, you see how many clicks in total each contact did and if you want to see the top 5 who saw the most of your email, hit the "Clicks" button and select "Seen" in the drop-down menu.

  • At the very bottom of the page, you will see the audience you selected for the email.

How do I see each stat individually?

  • To see all the contacts in the audience you have selected for this campaign, click on the "Sent" tab at the top of the page.

  • To see how many contacts and who opened your email, click on "Opens".

  • To see the unique contacts who clicked on any link, total clicks, click on "Clicks".

  • To learn who replied to your email, click on "Replied".

  • To understand which of the contacts bounced, click on "Bounce".

Note: it is important that your emails successfully reach your customers' inboxes. Check this article to learn why emails bounce.

  • To see who unsubscribed from your email, click on "Unsubscribe".

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