How to connect Customerly to Zapier

This article is about how to connect your Customerly account to Zapier

Luca Micheli
Written by Luca MicheliLast update 2 years ago

If you want to connect Customerly to the third party apps such as Google Ads, Slack, Google Analytics, Webflow etc., it is possible to do it with Zapier.

What does Zapier do?

In simple words, Zapier is like a bridge between Customerly and a different app. For example, you want to update the users with tags in Customerly when passing them from a website submission form. Or you can connect your Form or landing page service to transmit your leads to Customerly and start a workflow.

How do I start with Zapier?

  • First, go to the Project settings and click on "Connections" under Installations.

  • You will see Zapier connection in there. Click on "Manage connection".

  • Then click on "Connect".

  • If you don't have an account with Zapier, you need to sign up. If you already have an account with Zapier, log in and create your first Zap with Customerly.

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