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This tutorial is about how to manage your contact events

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Contact events are a great asset for you to track the actions of your users or leads across the pages of your website or an app and use the tracked events later on for bettering your customer success and satisfaction and in your marketing automation.

What are the events?

Let us give you an example. You have a lead that has viewed a subscription page in the last 3 days and you want to target this user with a chat trigger or email campaign, Customerly will track this event and pass this information to you.

You can track as many events as you want such as the date your contact viewed a certain page, subscribed to your service, their last activity, What is so great about tracking events, is you can also track custom events. We can check if the event has been triggered before or after a specific date.

How to track events?

Let's say you want to fire an event when somebody clicks on a button, or whatever you want to track this is the right implementation.


What should I know about the events?

You can select any tracked event from the list. To learn more about filtering your contacts, check this article.

Each event has a condition where:

  • A contact did or did not fire an event.

Events can be date-based or number-based.

Date-based events:

  • for the first time and last time

    You can select a date range such as:

    • before than, (e.g. before than 5 days ago or 5 hours ago)

    • in the last, (e.g. in the last 5 days or 5 hours ago)

    • exactly (e.g. 5 days ago)

    • after an exact date (e.g. Feb 10, 2021)

    • on an exact date (e.g. Feb 10, 2021)

    • before an exact date (e.g. Feb 10, 2021)

      For example, we select all contacts who did fire an event "customerly opened conversation" for the first time in the last 60 days.

Number-based event:

  • total time

    Possible operations are:

    • greater than

    • less than

    • equals to

    • not equal

    • is set

      For example, we select all contacts who did fire an event "customerly opened conversation" total times greater than 10 days.

To track events you just need to pass the information to us via:

  • JS API


  • CSV/XML import

  • Outbound Profiling chats messages

  • data connectors (eg. Zapier, Integromat)

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