The live chat disappeared to one of my customers, what can I do?

If one of your customers is not seeing anymore the live chat this might be the issue

Luca Micheli
Written by Luca MicheliLast update 2 years ago

If your customers are experiencing a situation where the live chat does not appear to only a few of them, you might encounter an issue of an unauthorised user.

This issue is happening because when you users change the email in your platform it should reflect a change in the user in customerly as well.

Customerly has a binding between the user_id and the user email you are passing in the live chat snippet for security reasons. 

So for example you have configured the live chat snippet to fetch the user data like this:

user_id: 1,
email: ""

If your user is changing his/her/their email address the snippet will be now changed to something like this

user_id: 1,
email: ""

The issue with this is that the same user_id cannot have two different emails

The best practice to handle this is to delete the user via REST API when someone changes its email in your software.

You can also delete the related user email in Customerly to let your user recreate in Customerly automatically when the user is back on the platform.

The second solution will be momentary and will not fix the issue for other customers that are experiencing the same issue.

We recommend using the REST API to delete a user when they changed the email.

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