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Sometimes it can be tricky to calculate how many contacts you used and still have the remaining ones. Let’s say you are on an Enterprise plan with 50K contacts. This month, you upload 45K contacts and send them a newsletter or a funnel. It means for this month there were used 45K contacts. If you delete 40K contacts the same day, you will see only 10K on your contact list, but we still consider your usage at 45K for the same billing cycle. Your contacts counting will be recalculated on the next billing cycle. You can send unlimited emails to the same contacts during the billing period. So for example, if you sent an email campaign to 2k contacts under "happycustomers" list, the system will deduct the 2k contacts from your allowance, and you can send another email campaign to the same customer's list, and it will not deduct another 2k contact.  Contact allowances per each plan:

  • Basic free plan - you can have as many chat conversations as you want, email campaigns, funnels and NPS are not available on this plan

  • Startup plan - consists of 2k contacts per month

  • Pro plan - consists of 5k contacts per month

  • Enterprise plan - if you need more than 5k contacts, this plan is for you. We will tailor it and its price specifically for you. To be able to see your billing status and how many contacts were handled, please go to the billing page

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