How to add unsubscribe url to your campaigns?

If you want to add an unsubscribe link to the bottom of your email templates this is the right tutorial for you

Luca Micheli
Written by Luca MicheliLast update 3 years ago

If you are wondering on how to add to your newsletters an unsubscribe URL, do not worry we have got you covered.

If you are using a graphic template, we are going to add it for you.

You don't need to do anything. 

We are going to append it to your footer.

If you are using an HTML template you will need to add your own unsubscribe URL by creating an HTML a component as shown below

<a href=“{{customerly_unsubscribe_url}}”>Unsubscribe me</a>

Please mind that if you are testing your email campaign the unsubscribe link will not work as during the campaign.

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