Create an eye-catching email template from scratch

Learn how to create email templates to boost engagement with the customers

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Creating an appealing email template is a part of successful email marketing. The way you create and design your email will impact your customers' trust, and how they see your brand and it will help make more deals.

How do I create and design the email template?

  • Go to Outbound on the left sidebar. Then click on "Emails" under "Messages".

  • Click on "Create email".

  • Click on "Create from scratch" in the top right corner

If you want to create a template from scratch and organize it in a folder right away so you can use it later in other campaigns, we recommend reading this article on how to create an email template folder and manage it.

  • Once you clicked on "Create from scratch", you will see a default email template we prepared for you with some tips, make sure you read it. Delete its elements by clicking on them and hitting the trash icon on the right.

  • Or retype the text and redo the content.

    Tip: if you want to add a link to your live chat into the email template, so the contact can click on it and chat with you as soon as possible, we highly recommend reading this article.

  • On the content section of the right sidebar, you will have the content items you can drag and drop to fulfill your sections such as buttons, text, images, links to social media pages, and so on.

Note: when you start working with the template editor, you will notice that all the tools are on the right side and your email template field is on the left. To use any of the tools on the template, click on the text tool "A", drag and drop it onto the template where you want to have your text. The same goes for all the other tools in the editor.

  • If you click on the "Blocks" section you can add blocks to structure your text and the content.

  • To edit the body of your template, click on "Body" on the right. Change the text, background color, content width, links color, and underline links.

  • To add images to the email template, click on "Images". Here you can search for any image, we offer thousands of them. All images are licensed under Creative Commons Zero.

  • If you decide to add your own image, click on "Uploads" on the right and click on "Upload image" or drag and drop an image there. Once the image is uploaded drag and drop it on your email template.

  • If you uploaded an image and don't want it anymore in the uploads, click on the dots button and delete it as shown on the screenshot below.

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