How to create a team to organize conversations and notify teammates

This tutorial is all about how to create a team to organize your chat messages and notify the right people

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Written by Luca MicheliLast update 2 years ago

Once you started working on your chat messages in the inbox, it's time to organize them in teams. You will find each team in your inbox.

What is a team in my inbox?

In another word, it's a folder you create to organize your chat messages by their topic and the type of customer. For example, if you have customers sending accounting inquiries, they will be assigned to the "Accounting" team in your inbox and the teammates responsible for this team (added to this team) will be notified of the new messages.

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How can I create a team in my inbox?

  • Go to the settings on the left sidebar and click on "Teams" under "Project and Team".

  • Click on "Create a new team".

  • Click on the button to choose an icon for your team. Remember: this icon will appear in your inbox as well.

  • Once the icon is selected, type the name of your team.

  • Choose the background color for the icon. Click on "Next step".

  • The next step is to add teammates to your team. Check out the boxes by each team member to add them to the team.

  • Then click on "Create team".

  • The team has been created.

  • If you want to edit your team, for example, add or delete teammates, click on the edit button.

  • To delete a team, click on the trash icon.

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