How to track contact data in Customerly

A tutorial on how you can track contact info in your Customerly environment

Luca Micheli
Written by Luca MicheliLast update 2 years ago

You can store contact data to group them later based on multiple information. Customerly stores five types of data points for each contact:

  • Default properties - data points we store for you (eg. IP address, last page viewed, rating)

  • Custom properties - any data you want to send us about your contacts (eg. phone, plan_type)

  • Tags - tags are used when you want to categorize something or someone (e.g. happy_customer)

  • Events - data tracked about the actions of the contacts that trigger an event in Customerly (e.g. clicked_button)

  • Company - a company property is a data point related to any of your company’s contact. It can be a String, Date, Number, or Boolean (e.g. company_size).

All this data can be collected via:

  • JS API


  • CSV/XML import

  • Outbound Profiling chats messages

  • data connectors (eg. Zapier, Integromat)

Why do I need to collect this data?

  • You learn about your customers: who they are, their behavior, and easily identify them when filtering your contacts.

  • This data will help you target the correct audience when delivering marketing newsletters, or launching a workflow or survey.

  • This data will help you to use the Smart rules to automatically assign chat messages to the correct teams.

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