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Understand all the powerful tools you have to filter, visualize and get insights about your customer base.

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The contacts page is the page where all your contacts are displayed including leads and users. The contacts page will greatly improve your customer support and email marketing since the contacts you store in Customerly include all the data you collect about them, this way you know your audience.

What are the tools included on my Contacts page?

Your Contacts page includes:

  • All users, all leads, and new users, active users today

    By default, you already have the list of all users, leads, active, and new users on the contacts page.

  • All companies, active companies, and new companies

    By default, you already have the list of all companies, all active companies, and new users

  • Filter your contacts by:

    • company and contact properties

      Company properties are the data point about companies, for example, the company_size, and the contact properties are the data point about your contacts, for example, the user_name or lead_name.

    • events

      The events you track in Customerly are collected and stored as additional data about your contact.

    • tags

      Tags are used when you want to categorize something or someone.

    • lists

      Lists will help you to define your audience and make your marketing campaign more specific.

    • campaigns

      You can filter which contacts made an action such as 'replied on' or 'received' a certain campaign.

  • Lists you can build based on the filters to categorize your contacts

    Lists will help you to reach your customers via emails and still, it is more effective than social media.

  • Search for a contact or a company

    If you need to find a certain contact or company in a few seconds, you can do it by searching on the contacts page.

  • Sort contact information

    You can organize the contacts' information such as name, country, and zip code in the most suitable order for you.

  • Export contact lists

    You can export all your contacts with all the data in XLS and CSV files.

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